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Our Mission:

Acta builds the democratic capability for governments to make data-backed, community-driven decisions where all stakeholder voices are heard and valued.

The Problem:

Government agencies, like most modern organizations, must often quickly organize and analyze large amounts of textual information. Because government professionals are under-resourced and overworked, governments lack the capacity to make sense of the large amounts of public input they must collect. As a result, they have difficulty developing effective public programs and services.

What We Do:

Acta uses proprietary NLP software to automate feedback analysis for governments. Our software comprehends open-ended feedback to generate actionable insights detailing residents’ key concerns and priorities. We analyze input exponentially faster than current methods. Our tool doesn’t automate the community engagement process or eliminate human-driven design. Instead, it provides a set of features that can empower government teams to do their job even better. We provide a tech-enabled, human-centered tool that turns feedback from a problem to a solution.

The Acta Platform

With our software, government professionals can spend time looking at the conclusions of the data instead of collating and reviewing it. We help you get to the conclusion quicker with a better final product.


Analyze Input

Our machine-learning algorithm works by clustering open-ended feedback into topical “buckets” and then presents the most salient trends within each bucket as insights. Our analysis is automated and integratable into current government workflows.


Understand Your Community

Our analysis includes how residents agree and disagree on issues, how they interact with current initiatives, and what they want from future government efforts. The validity of our insights are statistically justifiable. These insights are actionable because they map public concerns back to project outcomes.


Form Powerful Narratives

We build data visualizations that inform residents and decision-makers to increase transparency and foster trust between governments and stakeholders.

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Our platform is ready out of the box to meet your needs.


Digestible Deliverables

Our deliverables can be put in front of any stakeholder and be immediately understood.


Secure backend

Resident information is protected and safe by industry-standard encryption practices.


In-Depth Community Profile

Our deliverables provide an in-depth profile of communities by illuminating residents’ current experiences, concerns, and desires for the future.


Automated Workflows

We automate as many workflows as possible so that you can focus on what matters: helping residents!


Smarter Future Engagement

Our insights help focus future rounds of engagement by showing stakeholder’s most frequently discussed topics.


Performance Evaluation

Our insights illustrate the difference between the city’s perception of needs and residents’ lived experience.


Full Tech Support

Our team handles all the design, engineering, and platform maintenance so your team can focus on engaging your constituents.


Sentiment Analysis

We provide you with a clear picture of how residents feel about pressing policy issues in your community.

The Acta Team

We are an inter-disciplinary team dedicated to making government work for everyone.

Chief Executive Officer

Tai Huynh

Chief Impact Officer

Pavani Peri

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew McKinnon

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Acta is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions that you may have, and create effective solutions for your local government and its residents.

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